cancer Can Be a Very Scary Word!

breast cancer thumbTo hear the words ‘you have cancer’ can be extremely scary. The first thing I remember, after hearing my doctor say those words, was my brain on a run-away roller coaster ride! I immediately went into the survival mode and began searching the stored files in my brain for answers to the questions racing through my head.

I’ve now been cancer free for over 8+ years and have learned many things. I’ll share some of those with you, but first let me assure you that I will never let cancer be a capitalized word in my life again!

I set out to learn everything I could about optimal health and fighting disease. I chose the Western medicine approach, lumpectomy, radiation and Tamoxifen. The side effects from the surgery, radiation and Rx medication reeked havoc on my body. There were too many side effects to go into here, but I can share with you that some of them were painful and others were life-altering! I continued to research and study and finally referred to alternative medicine, by my cardiologist, to help with the side effects. Most were minimized or disappeared all together! God made the human body to heal itself. But we have to be treating our body with respect and supplying the things it needs. By implementing the information I learned about the 3 essential building blocks for optimal health – clean Air, alkaline Water and balanced beneficial (preferably organic) Nutrition, I was able to help my body be strong enough to fight disease.

I learned that cancer feeds on sugar and yeast. I also learned that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline body and thrives in an acidic body. This was a no-brainer for me…give up the sugar and yeast and drink higher pH alkaline water! I purchased a FreshAir Surround air purifier and a LivingWater alkalizing water machine. Then I started removing all of the toxins in our home. I purchased a LaundryPure and use cold water only and no detergent, bleach or fabric softener to clean our clothes!

I purchase some organic fruit and vegetables at local farmers markets and raise the rest on our urban mini farm. I raise free range hens that lay fresh eggs. I have organic green fed meat, dairy and chocolate delivered to our door from Beyond Organic. I also purchase toxic-free organic skin and body care products from Beyond Organic. I am a Mission Marketer with Beyond Organic and would like to share Jordan Rubin’s remarkable journey from sickness to health:

Life is good and I plan to live the rest of my time as healthy as I possibly can. I’ve learned how to purchase these and other health care products wholesale. I will share this information with you here under the Shop tab.

Another thing that I’d like to share is a site that helps people with many different illnesses and diseases, including cancer. and                                                            Here you will find information and hundreds of testimonials…absolutely amazing stories of illness and disease being reversed!

From the heart!                                                                                                               ~Kathy Burden

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