Earth Friendly

My goal is to help you make healthy choices, to achieve Optimal Health, Naturally and raise a healthy, happy family in a healthy environment. These kids will grow up with the knowledge of how to choose a healthy life-style and pass that on to their children. Result: Mothers raising a healthy generation that will then teach the next generation about Optimal Health.

If you are interested in natural remedies and recipes, an earth friendly lifestyle with products that can help you reduce waste and save energy, going green with your laundry, eliminating indoor environmental toxins, by reducing chemicals, cleaning the air and water in your home and achieving Optimal Health, this is the place to be. I’ve done the research and taken the overwhelm out of the equation. Let me take you by the hand and walk you through the steps of pure health (Pure Health = 3 Essential Building Blocks = Air, Water, Nutrients) and eliminating toxins.

Products to Support a Greener Home

Support your earth friendly lifestyle with products that can help you reduce waste and save energy. Want to know how to go green with your laundry or where to find an indoor environmental conditioning product? Vollara offers ways to reduce chemicals, clear the air, and clean up the water in your home.

The Money Saving LaundryPure 4G

LaundryPure from Vollara

Cleaner clothes with just cold water and no chemicals

The money saving LaundryPure gets clothes cleaner without the need for hot water, detergent, fabric softener, or bleach. There are no chemicals to irritate sensitive skin, cause allergic reaction, or go out with the wastewater. Easily installed and simple to use, LaundryPure has been shown to pay for itself over time.


LivingWater for Ionized Alkaline Healthier Water

LivingWater from Vollara

Healthier water without the bottles

LivingWater offers ionized, alkaline, healthy water treatment right from your kitchen faucet. No more expensive bottles to buy and throw out, and no more acidic water. With the power and efficiency of Direct Disk Ionization Technology™, LivingWater puts filtered, pH-optimized, alkaline water at your fingertips for a very smart price.


FreshAir Surround with Active Technology for Air and Surfaces

FreshAir Surround from Vollara for Treating Indoor Air and Surfaces

Reduce smoke, odors, and airborne particulate without expensive filters

FreshAir Surround by ActivePure Technology duplicates the power of sunlight and thunderstorms to take the solution to the pollution. With the press of a button, FreshAir eliminates smoke, odors and odor-causing bacteria indoors, all while reducing contaminants on the surfaces you touch. Because FreshAir works continuously, you may be able to reduce the need for cleaning and deodorizing chemicals in your home.


SteadyPower Power Conditioning System

SteadyPower from Vollara

Save energy and protect appliances and electronics

Conserve energy, save money, and protect your appliances with a no-maintenance, reliable SteadyPower power conditioning system. SteadyPower protects against electrical surges and spikes as it works to help motorized operate more efficiently, which can prolong the life of appliances and electronics.


SafeHearth Energy-Efficient Space Heater with ActivePure

Vollara’s SafeHearth Energy-Efficient Space Heater with ActivePure

Safe and Warm with ActivePure

SafeHearth features Vollara’s ActivePure Space Certified Technology to remove odors and “scrub” the environment, as SafeHearth’s PTC heating gently and evenly warms the area, providing comfort and peace of mind during cold nights and chilly days.


Re:Move Stain Lifter and Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Re:Move from Vollara

Readily biodegradable colloidal based cleaner

Re:Move super-concentrated stain remover and multi-purpose cleaner is gentle on fabrics and tough on stains. Specially formulated with plant-based ingredients, Re:Move quickly penetrates to break up and remove the toughest stains. Re:Move works in all water temperatures without harsh chemicals and is safe for colorfast washables and whites.