Organic Gardening

Fresh Home Grown Salads and Beets


Another fun and oh so enjoyable thing we like to do, is plant an organic garden. It really is fun, especially as we enjoy the fruit and vegetables. I love to be outside in the pretty weather and we all need some sun for good old Vitamin D. We’ve planted in pots on the patio, in rows in the garden and in pots along the fence. There are many different options, mostly depending on how much space you have.

This Spring we have decided to plant in pots, in raised beds, and in a small ground patch. We’ve planted all organic plants and seeds. We have quite a variety including tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, celery, cilantro, squash, peas, jalapeños and strawberries. We also planted several trees, lime, orange and avocado. I’d still like to get an olive tree and a fig tree.

Check back and I’ll tell you how we prepared the beds.

From the Heart!                                                                                                              ~Kathy Burden


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